My pet's name

My pet's name is happy. Happy is a dog we got from out aunt's family. They had 3 dogs, but since aunt's family had to move to move to the apartment, she couldn't keep her dog. she is 4 years old, and she likes to run around the house. All of my family loves he excpet my mom, my mom was really scared of the dogs before we brought happy to our house. It got better as she spend time with happy, she still doesn't really like the dogs.

Picture of Golden Retireivere

What kind of dog is it?

To be honest,I don't really know what kind of dog it is yet. I think it is some kinds of Golden Retriever. My aunt also don't know what kind of dog it is exactly, beucase she also recieved it from the person from the church. I don't think it is very important to know what kind of dog happy is, she is just our lovely family member.

Golden Retriever eating dog food

How does she look like?

happy is 3 years old which she is almost her biggest size now, she is about little longer than 1m in length and about 50cm in height. She has yellowish hair. She loves people visiting people, so she always run to whoever visits our house. Her nose is brown and always wet. Here's the picture that look like her.

picture of Golden Retriever